Monday, October 31, 2011

oh you WANT to know.

A very sweet evening people ! :D

without further a due, i would like to share some news with you ... 


i has a boyfriend.

yes u heard me.


I know you all very excited right ! :) i know, i am too. FIRST.

my girls knew this for quite some time but have to keep mum for me and my mr.  

It has not been long but its going pretty smooth, as far as i can tell :)
yes, we're pretty open about it and that's what i'm really happy about.

So we went out that day,

look of the day .

okay lar, its very obvious that all of this is fake lol #foreveralone

sorry for making you excited for a TEENY bit, but ya'll know its not true from the beginning right ? ('-' )

Basically, i just finished my exams and NEEDED to get my mind off from the feeling of getting my results. Seriously, i dont know how am i going to step into school after exams. i think i'll shake till my grandchildren will feel dizzy =/

Can't do anything what right ? life goes on. HAHA sigh

Since i'm very nice, i'll end with this :

credits to we heart it

i reallly super like this picture :DDDD LOVE IT.

Nice time fail-pranking you. Goodnight. meehee

till the next wink.