Thursday, November 17, 2011

uhm school ?

I am super excited that school is ending for this year :) woots ! No more homework, no more uhh ... no more la. You know what, actually school isn't that bad. I cannot even think of what to not look forward to in school -_- *ok maybe got but better dont say * i know you know can ad :P

After exams, going to school has been pointless ( after taking test papers ) cuz you have like nothing to do there. just ...

stare into the the air or whatsoever you looking at.


eh this funny :P and shave pls. keed :)

leopards can give le cool face too :P

ok back to point. we play card almost everyday and eat during recess. done . habeh cerita. Although might be boring right, and being the good girl i am, i only went to school once last week :) *clap hands *

Going for picnic later in the evening and leaving for SG on saturday :D 

hehee :P



ps : sorry for blogging crap .__.

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