Sunday, December 9, 2012

Seventeen .

26 days ago was MY BIRTHDAY! Unfortunately my birth day fell on SPM month, but it was during the deepavali holidays, so i'm counted a little blessed. hehe 
It was pretty awesome cuz i had endless people putting fireworks for my birthday ! while celebrating deepavali lol. 

So, since two months ago, the girls and I planned to celebrate my birthday after spm <3 woots! The only thing i was looking forward to during spm was this night out with the girlies. =X erkk. 

Journeyed to Jook's Joint at around 6pm. i think everyone was physically tired already :(

Hunted for this dress like soldiers with shu hui. Happy that it looks so good on her ! C:

 With dilys and her new fringe friend. muah.

 Not forgetting my pretty self. i meant vain :B

 I had chicken chop because i ordered it :) wthay The sauce is cho creamy and rich. i loved it to the core. The last time i went there was 5 years ago? yeah. THHHAT LONG.

This is the most exciting part. MY BIRTHDAY KEKE. ROOOOOAAAAARRRRR ~! 

My ajumma dilys made this strawberry cake with so much love ! <3 

Doesn't it look good?! Trust me, it tastes more than good. Its indescribable ;) 
Plus, i had my lifelong dream to have thin birthday candles on my cake to come to  pass. BEST.

 Had my first ever macaron !

We kept switching places after eating. hahaha in the end i was sitting at amanda's place.


nahhh we didnt. Someone treated the 6 of us a drink, no idea who it was. All we know is that he is working as an engineer, according to the lao ban niang. I think he thought we were in our 20's . 
Brader, just finish spm la we all. Anyway, we didnt drink it but I bet it costed a looooottttt. why waste money ?!

Acting cool, wait i AM cool. This is my normal face.

 semi-duck face during my ride in gee's car otw to marina.

 Stopped by the bridge to snap a pic ! 

 Amanda & me.


 Looks like nicole is coming out from the pot. HAHAHAH 
genie princess <3

My ootn without shoes. heheh I was actually going to wear a red skirt but when i went to the shop, It. WAS. SOLD.  Blue jiu blue lor.

overall, this birthday was FANTASMICCCC ! i got the most meaningful gifts and wishes ever. Thanks everyone who bothered to wish me on facebook, twitter, text messages and all. It really means a lot. :')

Maybe i'll do a post on my birthday part 2 ?! hehe

Till we see again, love chunks ^-^

Thursday, September 6, 2012

T-shirt curls !

Hey munchkins ! so incredibly sorry for the looong hiatus :( I'm in the midst of trials and definitely will blog very much seldom, well not that i blog very frequent but that's not the point. 

So, i'll be sharing this way to curl your hair ! Without curling irons, straightening irons and whadadada else.
BUT THERE'S ALWAYS A BUT. It doesnt last very long and are not the perfect curls you can achieve with a curling iron. I saw this on youtube and decided to give it a try. will post the link to the video later !

Lets's start !

You need :

1. Strips of cloth of roughly 1 inch think and one span long (around 10 strips, depeding how much hair you have) I got mine from t shirt ends that my mum has.

 like this.

 cut it to one span like so. 

2. A marker pen with a cap hook

Place it like so, and make sure the end of the strip is at the bottom of the marker pen.
Then, take an inch of your hair and put it below the marker, turning the ends inwards towards the marker and roll upwards :) Remember to tuck in your layered hair that falls out.

after that, remove strip from cap hook and tie it into little buns.

And you'll result in this :

I know i know, dizzy by reading what i am saying right. Yea, me too :(
 This is Thuha's video on this tutorial. Should've posted it in the beginning am i not right ?

I slept on them for 2 hours and this is the final result. Please don't faint ! they're darn curleh  ミ●﹏☉ミ

So, i guess that's all for now ? hehe. Till i see you again ! 。◕‿◕。 Good luck, love bunnies !

Friday, June 22, 2012

Pangkor Island.

My uncle and aunt from Singapore visited a few weeks ago and we decided to go to Pangkor for a two day trip ! :) We went there around 2pm? yeah i think so. My sissy very hardcore straight away went swimming HAHA 
Brought dad's camera cuz mine was spoilt T-T 

Sunny weather (Y)
Testing the Pop Art effect on the camera !

i love seas. they are just so watery.

 We went to my uncle's friend's restaurant for dinner, Restoran Pasir Bogak. Had shark whatever thingy so soft ! and also thick eggy goodness omlette. no pics sorry ^-^ ehehe

After that, uncle randomly went to a buffet next door. CINCAI go one leh. and so ngam its my mummy's customer's brother open one :D yay eat again. Its Restoran Hwa Moi :) 

Went back to hotel to swim !!! and ate at Retoran Makanan Laut Hong, i think ? Thank goodness my weighing scale didnt break when i got home.

More pics on my way home !

I love the necklaces i was wearing on my wrist ! had them when i was Satndard 5, the girls have it too :D hehe <3 

on Pop Art !

All fur naoz.

Till the next wink C:

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Snow White and The Huntsman.

Went two days ago with the girls after Domino's.

Have you guys watched it ?!  one word to summarize this movie : SIBEH GOOD. really one leh, i loved it!

I don't know why people have something against Kristen Stewart but she did not bad #ObamaFace. Not as amazing as Charlize Theron but still, good :) i haven't watched Twilight before and probably never will. But true, Kristen does look sleepy quite often :P
Charlize looks so stunning in the beginning of the movie. So angelic hahahah the irony :B

Man, she's awesome .

I am quite easily satisfied for movies too :D heheh except Mall Cop wasnt good. nuh-uh

So, this movie is about snow white. when her mother died, her father was so sad he went for wars and all. After defeating the enemy, they found a hostage who is Ravenna (Charlize Theron) who looks so pretty everyone in the cinema fell in love. haha

Ravenna is very jealous of Snow White and she also despise (is it?) men because according to her, they are all the same bla bla bla and she stabs Snow White's dad. Ravenna locks Snow White in the North Tower and when she ruled the kingdom, every living plant died. cuz she didnt bathe for a very long time :)

Ravenna suck young ladies' youth so that she can remain young. When the mirror said that Snow White is fairer than her, she wants Snow White's life la. Finn, Ravenna's pervert brother and boy his hair is ugly, wanted to like UH HUM Snow White la. But Snow White managed to escape. She used a nail and scarred his face.


This is a must watch movie ! i yelped like 2-3 times when i was watching this :P haha

They made US$56.2 million over the weekend ! at the North American box office ! *applauses*

Must Must ! :D If i can afford, i'd love to watch it again :D

You will regret if you dont watch this. *ghostly voice* read it again.

Bye! x ^-^

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Nope not pasta marinara ! =P
Last weekend, we the girls went to marinara isalnd, well mainly to take gee's photo cuz she wanted a new profile picture :P (sorry gee!!!) Here are some photos to follow.

OTW to marina island around 4pm ? manda looks pretty ! :)

 Mother nature was against gee. HAHAHAHHA *is it only me?* 
She extra cute that day ! just kidding, just bribing her to take me out more often lol nyahaha !

Mama nature loves me and gives me gentle breeze for wind-in-hair effect. barfs

  billie silly jean on the left.

Later on, we went to secret recipe cuz amanda kept complaining. oh i so hungry i am going to pass out. uhhh *faints* nyehehe she wouldnt do that. I might ! XD and i had carrot slice or wtv its called. too much of it made me jelak :3

Love my new watch from Lysie Love ! Plus, its only RM25 leh. Many more cutesy things coming up this month :D

Headed to Beach Bistro for dinner. Thank goodness i was able to eat. If not, consider me suay :( but i really WAS suay that day. My camera suddenly stopped functioning and kept vibrating, again. only in panaroma mode it was still. so, clever me did this :B 

The chicken chop i ate ! and boy it was nomzfaction man. Thank God thank God i can eat. and only RM9.50 O.o

Ending the post with miss sunflower and the girls at the background. geddit ? yellow ? sunflower ? ^-^ 


completely different story. Have you people eaten this before ?! gosh so hungry nawwww :(

Hokkaido cake by RT Pasty House. All thanks to mama's friend who bought it :D hehe

ok bye, really. ♥ mwah x

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mah Place :D

Baiklah, mari kita mulakan. olololol warning : picture post.

Last week on the 27th May 2012, I CREATED HISTORY. by having my girls to come over for a chill-ing and chat session. YAY! Nicole came after piano class to help me prepare food. Shu Hui came afterwards :) Time passed so fast and it was 6 plus already ! hampalang go bathe and wait for Amanda and Dilys to come. Gee was planning to split herself into half so that she could come here :3 hahaha

 While waiting for dilys :J

 We had hand foods lah. I love how happy and bright the table setting was ^-^

boy i tell you, those grapes were GGGGOOOOOOODDDDD

Not long after that, everyone was saying that they're full. But anyhow, still can stuff in one. I felt like i was eating for my future baby. ( '-' )

Nicole's artwork; with frilly or should i say leafy brows :P #loser

dilys and her fork.

 Shu Hui and Amanda. i love amanda's top !

All of us wanted to go out cuz it was damn sien lor. Amanda insisted that we go to my room but everyone was against her. HAHA So, we decided to go out and we called Jae and Kenny.

SADLY, my parents and dilys' didnt allow. So, yeah =X plan failed. In the end, we went to my room to camwhore :D amanda wins LOLOL

I only have amanda's camwhore pictures.

Others are a little bit too dark and grainy. so ... moving on !

i bet this also amanda take one :P hahah kidding kidding. THIS GIRL RIGHT, like so thin already lah! wiaoo~ you want ? NO SHE MINE.

Ending with a ^-^ face of nicole and myself :D ehehe bye loves !

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Guardian Sale Part 2 !

Sorry for not updating for a really really long time :B and thank you for coming back to see whether i've updated or not. love you people !

Ready for part 2 ? LEGGO !

First up, we have the IN2IT sheer eye colour  EY 03 Marine

I loveee the blue colour. Its not blue, but with a hint of sea blue !

SWATCHES ! see the blue ? stunningly gorgeous i wanna get married. lol

Product at hand : 
IN2IT eyeshadows are always very nice. I got my first one in camel colour :) This line is creamier and very pigmented. You can use primers for the eye shadow colour to be brighter, but this is quite visible already 

Ratings : 5/5 

Will i buy it again : Yes ! in different colour lah :B

Next, IN2IT Eye Colour Palette ESC 03 Sorbet Deluxe !

I was comtemplating to buy this or not but i gave in eventually. the colours made me so attracted ! It comes in purple and others. let's see how good is it !

Product at hand :
The texture of this eye shadow is more of the powdery side. Not quite visible when you apply it on your eyes, so use eye primer first if you want to :) Or APPLY MORE LAH :D I like the champagne/brown sugar colour and the salmon colour most ! One thing about this is that it is a quite glittery, too much shimmer for me tho. Alternatively, you can dab on some matte eyeshadow over it ? trial and error. :)

love the first and last one !

Ratings : 3.5/5 

Will i but it again : Most probably not.

Third,  Maybelline Crayon Liner .

Product at hand : 
I like this a lot (compared to the Nature republic auto eyeliner, Dont buy!!!! ) Its is fairly easy to apply ! BUT it smudges easily too. i guess crayon liners are like this huh? but if you're going for a more smokey or smudged look, this is almost perfect :D

Now, Just an extra, i'll compare this with the Nature Republic Pretty Tree Auto Eyeliner 

I Only like this sponge blender sponge thing :) but 13 bucks for a sponge ? yea maybe not...

The eyeliner which has no use at all. want to tight line also cannot cuz there is no colour one. +-+

As you can see, the maybelline one is darker and more pigmented whereas the nature republic's one is just .. bad.

And so for the Maybelline Crayon Liner, i'll give it a : 2.5/5
Would I Purchase it again : I dont think so, if i find something better (definitely i will ! )

AFTER ALL the review bla bla bla bla some pictures of me ! :P ehehe

eye make up with the sorbet deluxe eye palette ! :D love the colours ^-^

Ok end with a flower pin on my ear. Bye, lovies :) <333