Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chinese New Year '12

Ok let's see what happened during CNY. Nothing much actually... just ate a lot D:

Chu Yi
Got up not that early , got dressed and went back to grandma's house and old house.

after pigging and watched tv for a while at the old house, we went to get a present for one of  le cousin brother cuz his birthday is the next day :)

Then went back home to shower and went to OPA cny celebration, as usual. but this year ....

only gee and me went. ish .. Gee back stab me that night :( she didnt teman me go for 3rd round to eat. She LIE ONE cheh.

le mei mei 
She chao hipster, went for two movies during chinese new year. ok i can also hipster one budden too old already, not hipster. I lazy bum didnt follow them :L

after eating till 9, went to dilys' house to talk and drink drinks. ehehe

that drink there, yes, THERE on the table,bottle one, is sibeh nice cuz it tasted quite light and has apple taste. Our friend here, drink until face like TOE-MAY-TOE. 

tomato yeak.
doesnt look red here but trust me it was RED mann.. but she wasnt drunk la. Tomato Yeak also walked a perfect *coughs* straight line to prove it lolololo

you tell me why la ?! 
we updated each other and talked girl stuffs ;) and since most story i know already and i have no story to tell, i did something QUITE expected ..


Be Cranium Ambassador ! huahhuah x3
supposed to play but we were too busy talking, and i didnt want to play it too. *shrugs*

Chu Er
Lai bai nian ah lai bai nian ~! no idea what song is that but anyway, a group of us went bai nian which is visiting people and collecting red packets ? 
Overall, it was sibeh fun but i was too tired and went back earlier a teeny bit earlier :) then ZONKED OUT.

little mei mei :P

white tomato.

" i want to make peace in this world with my little fingers " :B

shu li, su fun, shu hui :)

Chu San
Did nothing, lazed around in the shop cuz its opened lol. nothing productive so, no pictures :)

ni hen mei.
night time, nothing to do before sleeping. :)

Chu Si
This is where everything turns around ... i went to IPOH ._. this time, i went with gramma and le family :D

Started journey at around 7 plus? went to eat at ayer tawar .. FUH THE NOODLES DAMN LOTS OK. but they only have one type of noodle and its self made one i think . :) If you free do try it out , Restoran Nga. dont ask me where is it. beside it is a temple. uh yeah ...

Then .. we ate again when we reached Ipoh. @.@ 

The Dim Sum shop's name i cant really remember but it has a China word in it. Went there twice, first time was with ipoh grandma. HAHA 

Its located at Greentown lane, same row as Cimb bank and Eon Bank. one shop lot only :)
Business is darn good. They started business only for a year or so ? when we went there the place was like packed .. i mean PACKED ! but because there's only five of us, we got our seats faster ^.~
The dim sum there is quite different. dont know how to say but its more special and most importantly its YUMMEY :*

oily hor but yummy but then, definitely worth the fats. HAHA ! 

zhis egg tart is like the nicest one i ever tried. Once you bite it everything crumbles already BUT the filling is SO soft and meltssss 

Been wanting to eat this for a very long time already, and my wish came to pass at las T_T
First ate it in singapore but it was cut in to triangular pieces like a pizza ? But the next time i went, the restaurant already gulung tikar D;

But thank goodness ipoh got ! :DD

very hot B )
After that, we headed to kinta city and ipoh parade. Quite suay, kinta city's air-con got prob so it was like in sauna ._.

Met up with shin yee, jea yee and yumiko 

after that went for makan at menglembu somewhere some name la. forgot again :B

Was trying out the smile detctor ! I dont know if its me or the camera but whenever im using the detector, it wont work. as for my sister, can wor ! mm i guess my sis doesnt know how to use :B

BOUGHT THIS SUPER CUTE phone plug in thing that you plug into the hole where you put the headphone one :D


After chu si i think i did noting productive. just lazed around and finished my homework >:( 

i'm sure you all had a wonderful chinese new year cuz got so many holidays summore ma :)

Oh, HAPPY THAIPUSAM to le hindu friends :)

Till we wink again :D

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Update : Mid January

So this post is to update what i've been doing for the past 2 weeks or so, even though most of you all know already ( '-' ) but can burp out a blog post nevermind liao la hor ? :D

15 Jan 2012 : Ivan, Jocelyn, Chee and Shuwen's farewell

everyone went " white myvi come ad. faster hide. HIDE !!!" but in fact, they (people that we were supposed to surprise) were still playing pool. cheh !

oh, i like being a cool pig face. 

anywayyy .. the surprise was a total success ! *throws confetti* we waited for like a thouuusauuund years ... a thouuuuuusand years. OK STOP.

justin kept craking up when anyone said the word sausage. mm hmm.

JOCE !    
I thought this effect looked quite like clubby / under the streetlight :P so, le models take their position !

Clearly my cammie doesnt like her =/ ohwell. 

20.1.2012 : Barbequeee !

hello, i'm Ronan and  I AM NUMBER FOUR. 
hahaha kidding :) SO CUTE LA CAN ! He tried to give Junny an orange and his pattern sibeh cute :O

badass ?! 
LOL i dont know what happened to this pic. tried to edit it and make it a smaller file size budden .. aiyah suan liao.

MY TWIN SIS   ♥ ♥ ♥  

Very nice la that night cuz i realised my hidden talent ! .......... in barbeque-ing. okayguy.jpg

practically kept barbequeing the whole night.

21.1.2012 : Shinyee 's house and Chinese New Year with babes 

No pictures though at shinyee's place though. Went there to teach her sis to tong her hair and made PASTA. and sueperer yummy one ok :B

At night, first ever new year celebration with my girlfriends ! we went to swissomelt :) but sadly shu hui couldnt join us :X
me and nicole  nicole and i :D
  22.1.2012 : CNY EVE 

Went to gramma's place first for reunion dinner. she cooked so much 0_0

mummy !

I think she looks like my sister only. wtcrap

cutest gramma on earth  ♥ 

♥ aw family :)


Then, headed to cousin's house. open table. light lantern :)


i guess that's about it, until CNY eve la. i got more crap to blog one okay ! so do come back :B

till we wink again ,