Thursday, February 2, 2012

Update : Mid January

So this post is to update what i've been doing for the past 2 weeks or so, even though most of you all know already ( '-' ) but can burp out a blog post nevermind liao la hor ? :D

15 Jan 2012 : Ivan, Jocelyn, Chee and Shuwen's farewell

everyone went " white myvi come ad. faster hide. HIDE !!!" but in fact, they (people that we were supposed to surprise) were still playing pool. cheh !

oh, i like being a cool pig face. 

anywayyy .. the surprise was a total success ! *throws confetti* we waited for like a thouuusauuund years ... a thouuuuuusand years. OK STOP.

justin kept craking up when anyone said the word sausage. mm hmm.

JOCE !    
I thought this effect looked quite like clubby / under the streetlight :P so, le models take their position !

Clearly my cammie doesnt like her =/ ohwell. 

20.1.2012 : Barbequeee !

hello, i'm Ronan and  I AM NUMBER FOUR. 
hahaha kidding :) SO CUTE LA CAN ! He tried to give Junny an orange and his pattern sibeh cute :O

badass ?! 
LOL i dont know what happened to this pic. tried to edit it and make it a smaller file size budden .. aiyah suan liao.

MY TWIN SIS   ♥ ♥ ♥  

Very nice la that night cuz i realised my hidden talent ! .......... in barbeque-ing. okayguy.jpg

practically kept barbequeing the whole night.

21.1.2012 : Shinyee 's house and Chinese New Year with babes 

No pictures though at shinyee's place though. Went there to teach her sis to tong her hair and made PASTA. and sueperer yummy one ok :B

At night, first ever new year celebration with my girlfriends ! we went to swissomelt :) but sadly shu hui couldnt join us :X
me and nicole  nicole and i :D
  22.1.2012 : CNY EVE 

Went to gramma's place first for reunion dinner. she cooked so much 0_0

mummy !

I think she looks like my sister only. wtcrap

cutest gramma on earth  ♥ 

♥ aw family :)


Then, headed to cousin's house. open table. light lantern :)


i guess that's about it, until CNY eve la. i got more crap to blog one okay ! so do come back :B

till we wink again ,  

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