Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sasatinnie BB Cream & Creamy Blusher

*Long overdue post =X

This is going to be a review on the Sasatinnie BB cream i got last month. I have always wanted a bb cream and during my trip to ipoh, i laid my hand on this one ! :D

 This BB cream is not bad. Cant compare it to others cuz its my first bottle.

What i think : 
Coverage is not bad and it doesn't dry up too fast, unlike liquid foundation. It evens out my skin and lightens up my face. The BB Cream only comes in one colour. So if you have darker skin, this product might not be suitable for you cuz its a little lighter than normal skin. 

The thing i don't really like about this is that it does not have a matte finish. :( The BB Cream has hints of sparkly sparkles THAT looks nice on you for some occasion where you want to look like Edward Cullen or his girlfriend la.

Overall, i like this product :D It doesn't give me breakouts or anything at all, partly is cuz my skin is not that sensitive. 

Ratings : 3/5 

Will i pruchase it again : No, cuz i'd like to try something new or find something better than this :) Pus, i got it because got promotion. heheh

* * * * *

I got this Sasatinnie Creamy Satin Blusher for free when i bought the BB Cream and it is MAJOR LOVE ! wanted a cream blusher too :B double win !

What I Think :
This blusher is very subtle and it blends to your skin really well. It gives the effect of rosy cheeks :D Mine is in sugar rose if i'm not mistaken. Well, if you want red-er cheeks then put more lah XD.

Application is fairly easy too. Just swirl your fingers and prep (dab) it at the back of your hand. Then pat it on your cheeks, blend and FINISH !

see ?! subtle hints ! (Y)

Ratings : 5/5 cuz its THAT GOOD !
Will i purchase it again : I might. Wait till i finish this first then we'll see :P 

Till the next wink (;


  1. OMG you got the same things as me XDDD

    lol random Google search led me here~

    The BB Cream is waaaay too light for me.

    1. HI nisah :D HAHA yay ! yeah they should have it in different shades :)