Friday, March 23, 2012


This is a very very serious post because this is an open proclaimation of my love .... love for SWEATERS!

Anyways, the spring season is in ! Too bad we dont have it in Malaysia tho :(
I bet every girl likes spring too cuz pretty clothings are mostly in this season. heheh at least for me lah :X

Didnt get nicey flowy dresseys but sweaters are just as cool ! Got mine in KL :D

 here enjoy my expressionless face.

Sweaters are so fricking awesome because they very comfortable. You feel like you're wrapped in your fav blanket :D
And the thing about them is that they are SOOO easy to match with. ie. jeans, shorts, dress, skirts, skorts etc. .

 I'd wear them even  to sleep if could ! heheh The sweaters i got are not like real REAL SWEAT-ers. The material is thinner and you wont feel too warm when you're wearing it. A+ cuz you're living in Malaysia.

(whoo wavy hair, claire. wth it rhymes) Plus, sweaters are so very the feminine too ok. Pairing it with chio pink ear studs are the least you can try to do.

Still loving this necklace that i got from New Look 2 years ago :D

Here, i'm using the sweater as a neck warmer scarf thing.Just tie your sweater around your neck and thats it. Make sure you tuck the sleeves in la :) I hope it doesn't look too awkward..

Ok la, not bad obamaface.jpg

Cardigans are also equally as nice and they are more practical than sweaters cuz you can just 'lap' them on. The great thing about Malaysia is that you can get clothes at a very reasonable price. en na, sure you say US and Singapore also very cheap one. hahaha

i love sweaters.

If and only if Malaysia has four seasons. wth math expert :B

This post actually makes not much sense but its a love proclaimation, so, nehmind la kan ?

till we wink until our eyeballs drop. take care !

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  1. So free hoh u~ I see the pillow n bolster on the floor LOL