Monday, April 30, 2012

Of Om and Nomz :D

This is going to be a very very picture post. So, just look and scroll. HAHA

Made some light snacks for the babes last wednesday :)
i made the muesli bar too ! On how to make it, checkidaot here !

 YUMZZZ ! with slightly chao dar bacon :B

 Recently, i have cravings for juices leh. I don't know why ! :O
from left, clockwise : strawbie, orange, watermelon, apple.
All also so yummy and filled with pulpy goodness ! (commercial girl voice)

 This cake SIIIIIBEH nice okay okay only. 

This one must put big big ! KOMPIANG WITH CHEESE :D ♥ FTW !

Chao juicy and sweet strawberries for you to drool over ... well, most of you wont :3

sorry i didnt take pictures of nicole and shu hui's one. *nervous laugh* later they devour me then cham lor..

I think that's about it ! see you soon :D bye ^-^

Nah, let you see Sitiawan sky :P

Saturday, April 28, 2012


A singer. Yes, i want to be a singer. I'll sing with all my heart. Best, debut at the Sydney Opera House, baby !

srtpjhb;gbheuifhf;tr ...

That's what i was thinking about when i did my braces, just because there was a picture of the Opera House in front of me lol. 


The ordeal that i had to go through for beautiful teeth, come to think of it, quite not worth it leh :P It WILL  in the future tho. 

Here's a list of what i thought about while i had my braces done :

1. i want to be a singer at the Sydney Opera House.
2. Counting the number of blades of the ceiling fan which was impossibruuuu
3. Count the number of tiles on the wall.
4. I will pray hard that my kids will have straight beeeautiful teeth.
5. Bel Air, Los Angeles
6. and i thought that i looked like wallace from Wallace and Gromit.

wallace on the left.

7. I can has a sharp jawline cuz the doctor press my chin so hard -_-

BUT NEVERMIND, i got a new toothbrush !

 I feel like a baby lol. so small.

And from today onwards, i shall bring this mirror everywhere i go. period. For now, i feel very paranoid if there's anything stuck in my teeth =BB heheh

At first I was so fearful man, kept praying in the car then pray when i was on the dental chair, praying almost throughout the process. PHEW ! luckily i didnt pinch myself to death cuz when it was pain, i pinched my arm. lol at me ....

Last photo of me with brace-less teeth D:

Right now, My cheeks are really hurting :( i think it because of the rubber that's pokey and my cheeks keep rubbing against it. It looks like i have a big ulcer inside my mouth now. I can't even sing 
Someone like you dramatically, in shower okay. T__________T

Everyone said " ah claire, its like that one.. one day you wake up and realise you're SNOW WHITE !!! "  Nolah, i'm crapping but they said i'll get used to it.

But how can ? if it keeps rubbing together each then like that it'll never heal la ??????????? yes ???
my mouth looks like its hanging now. :3 I dont know whether are you all trolling me or not =X

I know you all anticipated my picture with braces for very long liao. 
Here it is, unfortunately :

BERSIH !!!!!! 
Not enough? Cannot see properly ? dont worry, still got. takkan i only take ONE picture ma. :P





Just because i think i look nice :P vomittttt !

" Can she still close her mouth ?? ", you say.

 Of course i can ! and i think i look glamourous .. glamourous Not bad la !

YEP, thats about it ! Wish me a life full of bountiful happiness sunshine rainbows and no toothache !

Till we see again. Must come back meh ! *stares*

 uah model leh, mummy !

Ehehehe bye bye ^-^ 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Muesli Bar !

So last sunday, I went to Tesco and wanted to get some cereal. My sister insisted on getting Kokokrunch But i said no because it changes the colour of milk and its no good :P HAHA sorry sissy ..

In the end i got this :

I tried taking it with milk and my ... it sure tastes NG ! (no good) 

YESTERDAY , i tried making it into muesli bar & they taste so good !

I suggest that you try it out. very simple and not messy at all. :D All you need is :

1. Butter

2. Honey

3. The muesli cereal.


Step 1 :
Heat the kuali and melt the butter. Use around 2/4 of the butter, if you are making around 6 cups. (quite a lot ). I only used 2/4 of butter. Most of the times, just use your instincts. agak-agak a bit.

Step 2 : Add honey into the butter. (you can use marshmallows instead, its stickier) and mix mix a bit. 

Step 3 : Pour in the muesli & mix !!! You'll get something like this.

Step 4 : After mixing well, as in, adding more hunney and make sure its quite honey-fied, spread the muesli into a tray which is buttered earlier :)


PROCEED TO PLACE IT IN THE FRIDGE. Put for a longer time, overnight also nevermind, you can make it at midnight and eat in the morning also can . n_n

After that, take them out after fridge-ing, and cut them to your desired shape ! i just cut them into cubes :B

End product :

It tastes so yummy la ok ! not i say one, my friend said one. She said that this is nicer cuz it has nuts and fruits and all :) Some even ask me you make one ah ? (ok i choose to believe that they think its so nice like the ones in the supermarkets.) YAYYY !

 So that's it ! :D easy peasy right ? you can also make this using coco pops or ay other cereal of your liking. But i think cornflakes kenot lah. For coco pops and marshmallows, you have to be super fast cuz the marshmallows get a little too sticky and it will be hard to put them in the tray.

Did the second time today and i guess it was equally good ? :P ahaha If you really do make it , let me see :D

Good luck ! x

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Guardian Sale !

Guardian had a sale this month so decided to get some stuffs ! :) I had in mind, to buy make up. So yeah, this is like a review for make up products. 

I'm going to separate this review into 2 posts because very long, later you all sleepy.

Most of the times I prefer guardian more than Watsons cuz the prices are USUALLY lower but varies lah. 

Lets start ! :D

#1 Garnier Light B.B. Cream Instant Fairness

Its not a really big bottle only 20ml but only costs RM 19.90. The BB cream only comes in ONE colour, more suitable for Asian skin. I think now got promotion at RM 16+ only! 
This BB Cream promises 10 benefits :

1. More radiant
2. More even-toned
3. Less dark spots
4. With less visible imperfections
5. Reduces redness
6. Smoother
7. More hydrated
8. With less visible lines
9. With less visible pores
10.Reveals its healthy glow

Its written that it is oil free and fragrance free. NO clogging of pores and it is suitable for all skin types and tones. Plus SPF 26++ ! C:

First impression : I was really excited about this BB cream cuz when i was in KL, i saw it and tested it on my hand la. It blends so so so easily ! :) Really want to get it when i get back to Sitiawan.

Product in hand : Blends easily when i first tried it, good. It does cover redness and does what a BB cream does. :D 
But it does not really hide imperfections well. It looks fine on me but in other reviews on people with more serious skin problems, THIS DOESNT WORK AS WELL. If you really want this, have to use more concealer blablabla . not worth it la i feel. 

Summary : 
Not a very good product, sadly :( People with less sensitive skin can give this a try but those with  heavier skin probs, i suggest not to buy this. Doesnt hide imperfections well because its not concentrated enough / thick enough, i feel.
The good thing is, it does give a more even toned complexion, smoother, reduce redness and so on. Gratz to Garnier for stepping up and bringing BB Cream into their cosmetic line. :)

Ratings : 3/5

Would I buy this again : No.jpg

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

#2 Silkygirl Silky White Lightening 2-Way Foundation.

*Not much say on this one

Got this cuz they had a promotion, Buy 1 Free 1. One is for RM 14+ . My friend wanted one so i shared :) I got it in Tan shade ..... and i so regretted it :( makes me look darker nia lol

This product promises :
1. long-wearing
2. Matte silky finish
3. Shine-free
4. For all skin types

And it has SPF 20 ! Good thing is that it has BIG ass mirror innit. HAHAH :P

Summary :
This foundation is ok ok only la. Sorry Silkygirl but i dont really expect much from you :X but not bad :B I dont like the smell of the foundation. too smell-full.

Ratings : 3/5

Would I buy this again ? : No also.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

#3 Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

I can't remember how much this costs tho. I think its RM 16 ?? I HAD to get this because my elianto wipes are finishing and i'm not going to Ipoh anytime soon.

This product promises :
1. Cleansing duhhh...
2. removes waterproof mascara. so i take it as makeup remover :B

-Has Vital vitamin
-No alcohol, No oil
-No perfume, No colour.

And .. NO.1 UK CLEANSER BRAND. roarrrrrrrr !! rrr

Product in hand :
Quite a big piece, so thumbs up ! :D Doesnt really have a smell and with vitamin goodness (Y)
What i dont like is that the material of this wipe is ROUGH :((( meh meh one. No Good. And the moisture level is not really moist. 

In comparison to Elianto makeup remover tissues, this is no match D: Elianto ones are smooth, nice smell (yummmz) very moistfullnessohsonais, and very affordable :) ! 
*side trackingggg*
Elianto ones are smooth, nice smell (yummmz) very moistfullnessohsonais, and very affordable :) ! 
*side trackingggg*

Ratings (simple) : 3/5

Would I buy (simple) again : Nope pope.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
#4 Not for sale.

Just a random photo, just in case you forget me :P

Finito ~! Stay tuned for eyeshadows, eyeliner and lippy ! till part two, lovies. :) 
Stay happy 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

April Fudge.

Just random updates on what i did in April :D

# Guardian Sale !

Guardian had a sale and so thankful that i managed to get some stuffs from there :) might do a little review soon ! Do stay tuned.

# Shu Hui's Birthday !

Stayed up all night till 4 to put together an album we made for her. Darn pretty la :P HAHAHA Very sure she liked it la, cuz she said she teared when she saw it :') aww 

# Easter Sunday

Was terribly sick that week but thank God that I was recovering speedily :D YAY!

Gee .

SWESS had this demonstration or wtv its called la, on the Last Supper. Teachers prepared burger buns and ribena lor. A little kid said, " That is Mc Chicken without Chicken / patty " lol can't remember but it was too cute !

 # Strolling in Lumut.

yeah my sister marching down lol.

# Interact Carnival !

On April 14th :) Here, at Nicole's Stall.

I think she was more of the meow ~ so cute n_n

Stall mate, Jie Chieng !

And how can you miss a picture of my Bakerie stall. :B I think my stall looked nicest one that day :PPP WUAHA

with cindy and jea yee.

This was the best part ever ! Some time ago, i think i secretly wished that i can do this and my dream came true thanks to Rachel ! :D High School Memories. hehe

SHOWERS OF BLESSING with cousin. <3

I think we had one of the most number of visitors at the showers of blessings when it was our turn .. Blame le cousin for being such a bad person and for me being such a stunner bad person too.

I love this one. 'Legend' konon getting bullied !

Tired Gee.

Anyways, it ended at 2pm but cleared up and went back at 4 pm? Anyhow, it was so memorable this year. SO HAPPY ! =DDDDD

# Yesterday

 Took a picture of a cup.

And had STRAWBREY JUICE ! so yummy man ... and those strawberries are simply frickin sweet like rainbows, not like i tasted rainbows before though.

# Today

I ATE CHICKENNNNNNNN :D chao happy cuz separators are not giving me much pain when i bite now. I am so proud of my teeth *tears*

stoopid separators make my teeth even crooked. ok la, i love them if i think look at the bigger picture. lolol

Thats all foe nao. see you soon hearts ! :D