Saturday, April 21, 2012

April Fudge.

Just random updates on what i did in April :D

# Guardian Sale !

Guardian had a sale and so thankful that i managed to get some stuffs from there :) might do a little review soon ! Do stay tuned.

# Shu Hui's Birthday !

Stayed up all night till 4 to put together an album we made for her. Darn pretty la :P HAHAHA Very sure she liked it la, cuz she said she teared when she saw it :') aww 

# Easter Sunday

Was terribly sick that week but thank God that I was recovering speedily :D YAY!

Gee .

SWESS had this demonstration or wtv its called la, on the Last Supper. Teachers prepared burger buns and ribena lor. A little kid said, " That is Mc Chicken without Chicken / patty " lol can't remember but it was too cute !

 # Strolling in Lumut.

yeah my sister marching down lol.

# Interact Carnival !

On April 14th :) Here, at Nicole's Stall.

I think she was more of the meow ~ so cute n_n

Stall mate, Jie Chieng !

And how can you miss a picture of my Bakerie stall. :B I think my stall looked nicest one that day :PPP WUAHA

with cindy and jea yee.

This was the best part ever ! Some time ago, i think i secretly wished that i can do this and my dream came true thanks to Rachel ! :D High School Memories. hehe

SHOWERS OF BLESSING with cousin. <3

I think we had one of the most number of visitors at the showers of blessings when it was our turn .. Blame le cousin for being such a bad person and for me being such a stunner bad person too.

I love this one. 'Legend' konon getting bullied !

Tired Gee.

Anyways, it ended at 2pm but cleared up and went back at 4 pm? Anyhow, it was so memorable this year. SO HAPPY ! =DDDDD

# Yesterday

 Took a picture of a cup.

And had STRAWBREY JUICE ! so yummy man ... and those strawberries are simply frickin sweet like rainbows, not like i tasted rainbows before though.

# Today

I ATE CHICKENNNNNNNN :D chao happy cuz separators are not giving me much pain when i bite now. I am so proud of my teeth *tears*

stoopid separators make my teeth even crooked. ok la, i love them if i think look at the bigger picture. lolol

Thats all foe nao. see you soon hearts ! :D 

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