Saturday, April 28, 2012


A singer. Yes, i want to be a singer. I'll sing with all my heart. Best, debut at the Sydney Opera House, baby !

srtpjhb;gbheuifhf;tr ...

That's what i was thinking about when i did my braces, just because there was a picture of the Opera House in front of me lol. 


The ordeal that i had to go through for beautiful teeth, come to think of it, quite not worth it leh :P It WILL  in the future tho. 

Here's a list of what i thought about while i had my braces done :

1. i want to be a singer at the Sydney Opera House.
2. Counting the number of blades of the ceiling fan which was impossibruuuu
3. Count the number of tiles on the wall.
4. I will pray hard that my kids will have straight beeeautiful teeth.
5. Bel Air, Los Angeles
6. and i thought that i looked like wallace from Wallace and Gromit.

wallace on the left.

7. I can has a sharp jawline cuz the doctor press my chin so hard -_-

BUT NEVERMIND, i got a new toothbrush !

 I feel like a baby lol. so small.

And from today onwards, i shall bring this mirror everywhere i go. period. For now, i feel very paranoid if there's anything stuck in my teeth =BB heheh

At first I was so fearful man, kept praying in the car then pray when i was on the dental chair, praying almost throughout the process. PHEW ! luckily i didnt pinch myself to death cuz when it was pain, i pinched my arm. lol at me ....

Last photo of me with brace-less teeth D:

Right now, My cheeks are really hurting :( i think it because of the rubber that's pokey and my cheeks keep rubbing against it. It looks like i have a big ulcer inside my mouth now. I can't even sing 
Someone like you dramatically, in shower okay. T__________T

Everyone said " ah claire, its like that one.. one day you wake up and realise you're SNOW WHITE !!! "  Nolah, i'm crapping but they said i'll get used to it.

But how can ? if it keeps rubbing together each then like that it'll never heal la ??????????? yes ???
my mouth looks like its hanging now. :3 I dont know whether are you all trolling me or not =X

I know you all anticipated my picture with braces for very long liao. 
Here it is, unfortunately :

BERSIH !!!!!! 
Not enough? Cannot see properly ? dont worry, still got. takkan i only take ONE picture ma. :P





Just because i think i look nice :P vomittttt !

" Can she still close her mouth ?? ", you say.

 Of course i can ! and i think i look glamourous .. glamourous Not bad la !

YEP, thats about it ! Wish me a life full of bountiful happiness sunshine rainbows and no toothache !

Till we see again. Must come back meh ! *stares*

 uah model leh, mummy !

Ehehehe bye bye ^-^ 

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