Friday, April 27, 2012

Muesli Bar !

So last sunday, I went to Tesco and wanted to get some cereal. My sister insisted on getting Kokokrunch But i said no because it changes the colour of milk and its no good :P HAHA sorry sissy ..

In the end i got this :

I tried taking it with milk and my ... it sure tastes NG ! (no good) 

YESTERDAY , i tried making it into muesli bar & they taste so good !

I suggest that you try it out. very simple and not messy at all. :D All you need is :

1. Butter

2. Honey

3. The muesli cereal.


Step 1 :
Heat the kuali and melt the butter. Use around 2/4 of the butter, if you are making around 6 cups. (quite a lot ). I only used 2/4 of butter. Most of the times, just use your instincts. agak-agak a bit.

Step 2 : Add honey into the butter. (you can use marshmallows instead, its stickier) and mix mix a bit. 

Step 3 : Pour in the muesli & mix !!! You'll get something like this.

Step 4 : After mixing well, as in, adding more hunney and make sure its quite honey-fied, spread the muesli into a tray which is buttered earlier :)


PROCEED TO PLACE IT IN THE FRIDGE. Put for a longer time, overnight also nevermind, you can make it at midnight and eat in the morning also can . n_n

After that, take them out after fridge-ing, and cut them to your desired shape ! i just cut them into cubes :B

End product :

It tastes so yummy la ok ! not i say one, my friend said one. She said that this is nicer cuz it has nuts and fruits and all :) Some even ask me you make one ah ? (ok i choose to believe that they think its so nice like the ones in the supermarkets.) YAYYY !

 So that's it ! :D easy peasy right ? you can also make this using coco pops or ay other cereal of your liking. But i think cornflakes kenot lah. For coco pops and marshmallows, you have to be super fast cuz the marshmallows get a little too sticky and it will be hard to put them in the tray.

Did the second time today and i guess it was equally good ? :P ahaha If you really do make it , let me see :D

Good luck ! x

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