Monday, April 30, 2012

Of Om and Nomz :D

This is going to be a very very picture post. So, just look and scroll. HAHA

Made some light snacks for the babes last wednesday :)
i made the muesli bar too ! On how to make it, checkidaot here !

 YUMZZZ ! with slightly chao dar bacon :B

 Recently, i have cravings for juices leh. I don't know why ! :O
from left, clockwise : strawbie, orange, watermelon, apple.
All also so yummy and filled with pulpy goodness ! (commercial girl voice)

 This cake SIIIIIBEH nice okay okay only. 

This one must put big big ! KOMPIANG WITH CHEESE :D ♥ FTW !

Chao juicy and sweet strawberries for you to drool over ... well, most of you wont :3

sorry i didnt take pictures of nicole and shu hui's one. *nervous laugh* later they devour me then cham lor..

I think that's about it ! see you soon :D bye ^-^

Nah, let you see Sitiawan sky :P

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