Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I dont't know what you're thinking when i say separators but i'm talking about teeth separators. yes, im getting braces soon and I'm so so so so freaked out like seriously.

Went to the clinic yesterday and the process just took like a while only. When i got home, ate like mad man ! HANTAM ALL THE FOOD !!

I was so afraid that i cannot eat for the next few days and guess what ???
My Nightmare Came True ........ T________________T
To everyone who had braces before, i feel you. Damn freaking pain la i tell you. OK maybe you say like a few days only but this pain is unbearable ( for the moment la) #ScumbagSeparators

Pus, i LOVE food ! but because of this its so hard to eat and that majorly puts me off la. i also become lazy to eat already  =_=  If i want to eat twiggies or something, have to 'NYEK' it with my toungue, sort of like mash and flatten it, cannot even bite. Ate porridge just nao, but ok la, yummy :D

I couldnt take it anymore just now and i even cried  . ok call me a no-use but really, you have to go through this before you can say anything about those who had braces that keep ranting. (ie. ME ) ^-^ #DEFENSIVE

The pain is in the whole frickin mouth not only one part. Even my tongue feels numb-ed. I think i talk more, lesser pain leh. :-/ Wah, i might lose another 5 kilos. lol

nyways, no point ranting about it here. I SUPER DUPER hope that the pain or numbness will subside real real soon. If not, i dont know what i'll do man.. shit.


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