Friday, April 13, 2012

Today, today.

Today has been very very busy lol Woke up around 7 plus, watched movie trailers and sitting there complaining there why Sitiawan no movies one. :3

Then, went to school to prepare for Interact Carnival TOMORROW. Makes me want to recite William Shakesphere's poem tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrow, creeps from this patty face day to day ...

NYAHAHAHHAHAHA Here are some pictures to go with it :b

oh the irony.
 And if you KNOW me, I love bread a lot.(maybe i should do a post on bread yesh ! ) and so ngam, both years in interact for interact carnival, I'm stationed in Bread satlls ftw ! #soreloser

But nevermind, i very optimistic one and summore i love it because job quite simple ^-^ teehee

oh so nice claire do one.
 And ................. there is a reason why you should come to my stall tomorrow. Its not solely because you want to see me my pretty face , but cuz we ae selling these awesome possum BAGUETTES!!! OMNOMNOMNNOM  cookiemonster.jpg

see so nomz one mieh.

Filled with fresh, hot & tasty goodness, this is the one thing that you'll never want to miss out ! Come, satisfy your watering mouths tomorrow at the Bakerie Stall at the Interact Carnival tomorrow. See you there ~ 

*comercial person voice off*

I tell you lah this is so so good lah mannn. I tried just now and it made me go
` YOU DA ONE THAT I THINK ABOUT ALL DAY-AY-AY ' olololol :P trust me, its worth trying, so worth it !


1. WEST BITES CAFE . cuz its west bites


let you see one nah. so nice right. i did my nails ad wheeeee so nice i duan let u see :P mine polka dottie one.

3. Photobooth. This year MUST MUST MUST ! :D And got 'happy hour'also ... if you know what i mean. Plus got so many cute props to use. EXPRESS YOURSELF *flips hair*

4. ALL other stalls lol.

I guess thats about it for nao. heheh Till i see you tomo C:

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