Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Guardian Sale Part 2 !

Sorry for not updating for a really really long time :B and thank you for coming back to see whether i've updated or not. love you people !

Ready for part 2 ? LEGGO !

First up, we have the IN2IT sheer eye colour  EY 03 Marine

I loveee the blue colour. Its not blue, but with a hint of sea blue !

SWATCHES ! see the blue ? stunningly gorgeous i wanna get married. lol

Product at hand : 
IN2IT eyeshadows are always very nice. I got my first one in camel colour :) This line is creamier and very pigmented. You can use primers for the eye shadow colour to be brighter, but this is quite visible already 

Ratings : 5/5 

Will i buy it again : Yes ! in different colour lah :B

Next, IN2IT Eye Colour Palette ESC 03 Sorbet Deluxe !

I was comtemplating to buy this or not but i gave in eventually. the colours made me so attracted ! It comes in purple and others. let's see how good is it !

Product at hand :
The texture of this eye shadow is more of the powdery side. Not quite visible when you apply it on your eyes, so use eye primer first if you want to :) Or APPLY MORE LAH :D I like the champagne/brown sugar colour and the salmon colour most ! One thing about this is that it is a quite glittery, too much shimmer for me tho. Alternatively, you can dab on some matte eyeshadow over it ? trial and error. :)

love the first and last one !

Ratings : 3.5/5 

Will i but it again : Most probably not.

Third,  Maybelline Crayon Liner .

Product at hand : 
I like this a lot (compared to the Nature republic auto eyeliner, Dont buy!!!! ) Its is fairly easy to apply ! BUT it smudges easily too. i guess crayon liners are like this huh? but if you're going for a more smokey or smudged look, this is almost perfect :D

Now, Just an extra, i'll compare this with the Nature Republic Pretty Tree Auto Eyeliner 

I Only like this sponge blender sponge thing :) but 13 bucks for a sponge ? yea maybe not...

The eyeliner which has no use at all. want to tight line also cannot cuz there is no colour one. +-+

As you can see, the maybelline one is darker and more pigmented whereas the nature republic's one is just .. bad.

And so for the Maybelline Crayon Liner, i'll give it a : 2.5/5
Would I Purchase it again : I dont think so, if i find something better (definitely i will ! )

AFTER ALL the review bla bla bla bla some pictures of me ! :P ehehe

eye make up with the sorbet deluxe eye palette ! :D love the colours ^-^

Ok end with a flower pin on my ear. Bye, lovies :) <333