Friday, June 22, 2012

Pangkor Island.

My uncle and aunt from Singapore visited a few weeks ago and we decided to go to Pangkor for a two day trip ! :) We went there around 2pm? yeah i think so. My sissy very hardcore straight away went swimming HAHA 
Brought dad's camera cuz mine was spoilt T-T 

Sunny weather (Y)
Testing the Pop Art effect on the camera !

i love seas. they are just so watery.

 We went to my uncle's friend's restaurant for dinner, Restoran Pasir Bogak. Had shark whatever thingy so soft ! and also thick eggy goodness omlette. no pics sorry ^-^ ehehe

After that, uncle randomly went to a buffet next door. CINCAI go one leh. and so ngam its my mummy's customer's brother open one :D yay eat again. Its Restoran Hwa Moi :) 

Went back to hotel to swim !!! and ate at Retoran Makanan Laut Hong, i think ? Thank goodness my weighing scale didnt break when i got home.

More pics on my way home !

I love the necklaces i was wearing on my wrist ! had them when i was Satndard 5, the girls have it too :D hehe <3 

on Pop Art !

All fur naoz.

Till the next wink C:

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Snow White and The Huntsman.

Went two days ago with the girls after Domino's.

Have you guys watched it ?!  one word to summarize this movie : SIBEH GOOD. really one leh, i loved it!

I don't know why people have something against Kristen Stewart but she did not bad #ObamaFace. Not as amazing as Charlize Theron but still, good :) i haven't watched Twilight before and probably never will. But true, Kristen does look sleepy quite often :P
Charlize looks so stunning in the beginning of the movie. So angelic hahahah the irony :B

Man, she's awesome .

I am quite easily satisfied for movies too :D heheh except Mall Cop wasnt good. nuh-uh

So, this movie is about snow white. when her mother died, her father was so sad he went for wars and all. After defeating the enemy, they found a hostage who is Ravenna (Charlize Theron) who looks so pretty everyone in the cinema fell in love. haha

Ravenna is very jealous of Snow White and she also despise (is it?) men because according to her, they are all the same bla bla bla and she stabs Snow White's dad. Ravenna locks Snow White in the North Tower and when she ruled the kingdom, every living plant died. cuz she didnt bathe for a very long time :)

Ravenna suck young ladies' youth so that she can remain young. When the mirror said that Snow White is fairer than her, she wants Snow White's life la. Finn, Ravenna's pervert brother and boy his hair is ugly, wanted to like UH HUM Snow White la. But Snow White managed to escape. She used a nail and scarred his face.


This is a must watch movie ! i yelped like 2-3 times when i was watching this :P haha

They made US$56.2 million over the weekend ! at the North American box office ! *applauses*

Must Must ! :D If i can afford, i'd love to watch it again :D

You will regret if you dont watch this. *ghostly voice* read it again.

Bye! x ^-^

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Nope not pasta marinara ! =P
Last weekend, we the girls went to marinara isalnd, well mainly to take gee's photo cuz she wanted a new profile picture :P (sorry gee!!!) Here are some photos to follow.

OTW to marina island around 4pm ? manda looks pretty ! :)

 Mother nature was against gee. HAHAHAHHA *is it only me?* 
She extra cute that day ! just kidding, just bribing her to take me out more often lol nyahaha !

Mama nature loves me and gives me gentle breeze for wind-in-hair effect. barfs

  billie silly jean on the left.

Later on, we went to secret recipe cuz amanda kept complaining. oh i so hungry i am going to pass out. uhhh *faints* nyehehe she wouldnt do that. I might ! XD and i had carrot slice or wtv its called. too much of it made me jelak :3

Love my new watch from Lysie Love ! Plus, its only RM25 leh. Many more cutesy things coming up this month :D

Headed to Beach Bistro for dinner. Thank goodness i was able to eat. If not, consider me suay :( but i really WAS suay that day. My camera suddenly stopped functioning and kept vibrating, again. only in panaroma mode it was still. so, clever me did this :B 

The chicken chop i ate ! and boy it was nomzfaction man. Thank God thank God i can eat. and only RM9.50 O.o

Ending the post with miss sunflower and the girls at the background. geddit ? yellow ? sunflower ? ^-^ 


completely different story. Have you people eaten this before ?! gosh so hungry nawwww :(

Hokkaido cake by RT Pasty House. All thanks to mama's friend who bought it :D hehe

ok bye, really. ♥ mwah x

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mah Place :D

Baiklah, mari kita mulakan. olololol warning : picture post.

Last week on the 27th May 2012, I CREATED HISTORY. by having my girls to come over for a chill-ing and chat session. YAY! Nicole came after piano class to help me prepare food. Shu Hui came afterwards :) Time passed so fast and it was 6 plus already ! hampalang go bathe and wait for Amanda and Dilys to come. Gee was planning to split herself into half so that she could come here :3 hahaha

 While waiting for dilys :J

 We had hand foods lah. I love how happy and bright the table setting was ^-^

boy i tell you, those grapes were GGGGOOOOOOODDDDD

Not long after that, everyone was saying that they're full. But anyhow, still can stuff in one. I felt like i was eating for my future baby. ( '-' )

Nicole's artwork; with frilly or should i say leafy brows :P #loser

dilys and her fork.

 Shu Hui and Amanda. i love amanda's top !

All of us wanted to go out cuz it was damn sien lor. Amanda insisted that we go to my room but everyone was against her. HAHA So, we decided to go out and we called Jae and Kenny.

SADLY, my parents and dilys' didnt allow. So, yeah =X plan failed. In the end, we went to my room to camwhore :D amanda wins LOLOL

I only have amanda's camwhore pictures.

Others are a little bit too dark and grainy. so ... moving on !

i bet this also amanda take one :P hahah kidding kidding. THIS GIRL RIGHT, like so thin already lah! wiaoo~ you want ? NO SHE MINE.

Ending with a ^-^ face of nicole and myself :D ehehe bye loves !