Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mah Place :D

Baiklah, mari kita mulakan. olololol warning : picture post.

Last week on the 27th May 2012, I CREATED HISTORY. by having my girls to come over for a chill-ing and chat session. YAY! Nicole came after piano class to help me prepare food. Shu Hui came afterwards :) Time passed so fast and it was 6 plus already ! hampalang go bathe and wait for Amanda and Dilys to come. Gee was planning to split herself into half so that she could come here :3 hahaha

 While waiting for dilys :J

 We had hand foods lah. I love how happy and bright the table setting was ^-^

boy i tell you, those grapes were GGGGOOOOOOODDDDD

Not long after that, everyone was saying that they're full. But anyhow, still can stuff in one. I felt like i was eating for my future baby. ( '-' )

Nicole's artwork; with frilly or should i say leafy brows :P #loser

dilys and her fork.

 Shu Hui and Amanda. i love amanda's top !

All of us wanted to go out cuz it was damn sien lor. Amanda insisted that we go to my room but everyone was against her. HAHA So, we decided to go out and we called Jae and Kenny.

SADLY, my parents and dilys' didnt allow. So, yeah =X plan failed. In the end, we went to my room to camwhore :D amanda wins LOLOL

I only have amanda's camwhore pictures.

Others are a little bit too dark and grainy. so ... moving on !

i bet this also amanda take one :P hahah kidding kidding. THIS GIRL RIGHT, like so thin already lah! wiaoo~ you want ? NO SHE MINE.

Ending with a ^-^ face of nicole and myself :D ehehe bye loves !