Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Nope not pasta marinara ! =P
Last weekend, we the girls went to marinara isalnd, well mainly to take gee's photo cuz she wanted a new profile picture :P (sorry gee!!!) Here are some photos to follow.

OTW to marina island around 4pm ? manda looks pretty ! :)

 Mother nature was against gee. HAHAHAHHA *is it only me?* 
She extra cute that day ! just kidding, just bribing her to take me out more often lol nyahaha !

Mama nature loves me and gives me gentle breeze for wind-in-hair effect. barfs

  billie silly jean on the left.

Later on, we went to secret recipe cuz amanda kept complaining. oh i so hungry i am going to pass out. uhhh *faints* nyehehe she wouldnt do that. I might ! XD and i had carrot slice or wtv its called. too much of it made me jelak :3

Love my new watch from Lysie Love ! Plus, its only RM25 leh. Many more cutesy things coming up this month :D

Headed to Beach Bistro for dinner. Thank goodness i was able to eat. If not, consider me suay :( but i really WAS suay that day. My camera suddenly stopped functioning and kept vibrating, again. only in panaroma mode it was still. so, clever me did this :B 

The chicken chop i ate ! and boy it was nomzfaction man. Thank God thank God i can eat. and only RM9.50 O.o

Ending the post with miss sunflower and the girls at the background. geddit ? yellow ? sunflower ? ^-^ 


completely different story. Have you people eaten this before ?! gosh so hungry nawwww :(

Hokkaido cake by RT Pasty House. All thanks to mama's friend who bought it :D hehe

ok bye, really. ♥ mwah x


  1. eh eh eh i saw a lot of our bakeries here selling the hokkaido cake also leh but then dare not try.. LOLOL hao chi de maaa?

    1. naiseeeeeee so nais ! but some not nice one :B