Friday, June 22, 2012

Pangkor Island.

My uncle and aunt from Singapore visited a few weeks ago and we decided to go to Pangkor for a two day trip ! :) We went there around 2pm? yeah i think so. My sissy very hardcore straight away went swimming HAHA 
Brought dad's camera cuz mine was spoilt T-T 

Sunny weather (Y)
Testing the Pop Art effect on the camera !

i love seas. they are just so watery.

 We went to my uncle's friend's restaurant for dinner, Restoran Pasir Bogak. Had shark whatever thingy so soft ! and also thick eggy goodness omlette. no pics sorry ^-^ ehehe

After that, uncle randomly went to a buffet next door. CINCAI go one leh. and so ngam its my mummy's customer's brother open one :D yay eat again. Its Restoran Hwa Moi :) 

Went back to hotel to swim !!! and ate at Retoran Makanan Laut Hong, i think ? Thank goodness my weighing scale didnt break when i got home.

More pics on my way home !

I love the necklaces i was wearing on my wrist ! had them when i was Satndard 5, the girls have it too :D hehe <3 

on Pop Art !

All fur naoz.

Till the next wink C:

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