Thursday, September 6, 2012

T-shirt curls !

Hey munchkins ! so incredibly sorry for the looong hiatus :( I'm in the midst of trials and definitely will blog very much seldom, well not that i blog very frequent but that's not the point. 

So, i'll be sharing this way to curl your hair ! Without curling irons, straightening irons and whadadada else.
BUT THERE'S ALWAYS A BUT. It doesnt last very long and are not the perfect curls you can achieve with a curling iron. I saw this on youtube and decided to give it a try. will post the link to the video later !

Lets's start !

You need :

1. Strips of cloth of roughly 1 inch think and one span long (around 10 strips, depeding how much hair you have) I got mine from t shirt ends that my mum has.

 like this.

 cut it to one span like so. 

2. A marker pen with a cap hook

Place it like so, and make sure the end of the strip is at the bottom of the marker pen.
Then, take an inch of your hair and put it below the marker, turning the ends inwards towards the marker and roll upwards :) Remember to tuck in your layered hair that falls out.

after that, remove strip from cap hook and tie it into little buns.

And you'll result in this :

I know i know, dizzy by reading what i am saying right. Yea, me too :(
 This is Thuha's video on this tutorial. Should've posted it in the beginning am i not right ?

I slept on them for 2 hours and this is the final result. Please don't faint ! they're darn curleh  ミ●﹏☉ミ

So, i guess that's all for now ? hehe. Till i see you again ! 。◕‿◕。 Good luck, love bunnies !

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