Sunday, December 9, 2012

Seventeen .

26 days ago was MY BIRTHDAY! Unfortunately my birth day fell on SPM month, but it was during the deepavali holidays, so i'm counted a little blessed. hehe 
It was pretty awesome cuz i had endless people putting fireworks for my birthday ! while celebrating deepavali lol. 

So, since two months ago, the girls and I planned to celebrate my birthday after spm <3 woots! The only thing i was looking forward to during spm was this night out with the girlies. =X erkk. 

Journeyed to Jook's Joint at around 6pm. i think everyone was physically tired already :(

Hunted for this dress like soldiers with shu hui. Happy that it looks so good on her ! C:

 With dilys and her new fringe friend. muah.

 Not forgetting my pretty self. i meant vain :B

 I had chicken chop because i ordered it :) wthay The sauce is cho creamy and rich. i loved it to the core. The last time i went there was 5 years ago? yeah. THHHAT LONG.

This is the most exciting part. MY BIRTHDAY KEKE. ROOOOOAAAAARRRRR ~! 

My ajumma dilys made this strawberry cake with so much love ! <3 

Doesn't it look good?! Trust me, it tastes more than good. Its indescribable ;) 
Plus, i had my lifelong dream to have thin birthday candles on my cake to come to  pass. BEST.

 Had my first ever macaron !

We kept switching places after eating. hahaha in the end i was sitting at amanda's place.


nahhh we didnt. Someone treated the 6 of us a drink, no idea who it was. All we know is that he is working as an engineer, according to the lao ban niang. I think he thought we were in our 20's . 
Brader, just finish spm la we all. Anyway, we didnt drink it but I bet it costed a looooottttt. why waste money ?!

Acting cool, wait i AM cool. This is my normal face.

 semi-duck face during my ride in gee's car otw to marina.

 Stopped by the bridge to snap a pic ! 

 Amanda & me.


 Looks like nicole is coming out from the pot. HAHAHAH 
genie princess <3

My ootn without shoes. heheh I was actually going to wear a red skirt but when i went to the shop, It. WAS. SOLD.  Blue jiu blue lor.

overall, this birthday was FANTASMICCCC ! i got the most meaningful gifts and wishes ever. Thanks everyone who bothered to wish me on facebook, twitter, text messages and all. It really means a lot. :')

Maybe i'll do a post on my birthday part 2 ?! hehe

Till we see again, love chunks ^-^

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