Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chasing the sun, the sun, the moon, the stars.

Hey bum chums~!

Tis' a miracle that I'm blogging. hahaha This post title can is an incredible inside joke that I'm going to share with you now. 

So, we were singing chasing the sun. When it came to the " the sun, the sun, the sun" part, Desmond decided it was too boring (?) he changed it to the title. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. sorry

Two days ago, a bunch of us 95' babies went to Marina for an overnight stay ! Thank you Desmond, for the rooms. It 's most probably one of the last times that we can have this much fun before going outstation for further studies already :(  But YAY for this chance. hehe better than nothing at all. 

 Chillin' at McDonald's before check-in .

We unofficially decided to camp at the hotel lobby when we knew the check-in time was at 3pm. Suddenly the sofas had magical magnetic force until no one wanted to move. HAHA ! in the end, we went to 7-eleven to get some food for snacks ^_^

 With 5 of the pretty ladies by the poolside!

 tsk tsk A.S.D. users.

With darling gee <3

We just layed around and chillaxed in our room for almost the whole day, which can be a good thing..or bad. I watched around 5-6 movies throughout this entire trip ! All thanks to star movies on Astro :(

But being the 'adventerous' and 'fun' us, the Fantastic Four (lol) decided to go dip in the pool. :D  The location of the pool was divineeee because building blocked the scorching afternoon sun   Our fingers were all sausage-y after that, plus i did a swimming tutorial :P

 Bring it on, sun !

Photoshoot time after dinner. Bring out the divas and dungus? wth thats the best i can come out with. sorry boys~!

 It looks like we're at a friend's place hanging out, rather than at a hotel !



In the end, we decided to do a Gwiyomi video! :D "Someone" got lost and ended up doing Gangnam Style for Step 2 of Gwiyomi. HILARIOUS TTM !

Vain flowering pots. woots x

 Playing 'Bridge' or waterfall something like along that line..

Look at Jon strutting :B hahaha

In the end, we decided to go to Pangkor Island for breakfast and just roam around. I regretted going there because that day was just way TOO hot ! Plus, it was so quiet on that day :( nyehh.

We went to Pasir Bogak beach and boy, it was so quiet mosquitoes and hear themselves ! some dude kept asking us to go on boat rides. I think they thought we were tourists XD

There was nothing to do there so, we called Kobu, our driver 'friend' and decided to go for island tour, although I'm sure everyone went through it before. Wrong decision !!! :(

Best place was on Coral Beach <3 the sea was lin the prettiest hue of blue-green !

 Gee looks so cute here ! 

  請 like 一 个 ba! 

I have no idea whether I wrote it correctly or not but this phrase makes me laugh everytime !

 *flicks hair* LikeABoss.jpeg


Ending this post with a group picture C: without gee ehehe :(

That's all for now, folks ! TILL THE NEXT SHOW 
*close curtains*

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