Thursday, February 27, 2014

Etude House Happy Teatime Cleansing Foam

I know it has been almost a year I last updated this abandoned site and I feel so bad, its like how I abandoned my (not real) pet cat, rabbit, goldfish and potato. Tough life you gotta attend to so many matters man. jokes

So, I have been getting into Etude House a lot lately and got a few products that I want to document about how is it doing for me! My true opinion here sharing what I like and what i might not ... so that you can avoid buying or faster go grab it! ;)

I've been using my Mary Kay and Garnier Sakura for quite a while now and I decided to get this since I was thinking of getting a new one to try out and I like green tea. This is a very big tube of cleanser, biggest I've ever used - 120ml and comes with a open close cap. It is a light green colour which looks veh pretty hehe

Original price (on Qoo10) - RM 27.50 , but I got it during promotion for RM9.90 .

There are five types of formula in this line ; 
  Milk tea  for Moisturizing and smoothing
 Lemon Tea  for Vitalizing and nourishing
  Peach Tea for brightening and clarifying
  Aloe Tea  for moisturizing and complexion health

The Green Tea one is for pore cleansing and oily shine relief. Yes this is what that went wrong, I don't need that because this cleanser is not for my skin, but I would be ready to take up a challenge if I got the chance to get the milk tea or aloe tea cleansing foam ^-^ yes i live dangerously, like amanda. 

I did read a few reviews on this and it only required a small amount. I used a pea sized amount, with some water, rub and lather onto my face.

The substance lathers very nicely onto the skin as you rub. Smell wise, definitely not very green tea-ish. Its gives quite a pungent smell and does not smell very pleasing although its bearable. gosh i make it sound so bad hur . Always remember to close your eyes tightly when you rinse your face, because it tingles when the foam gets into your eyes. 

I doubt it removes heavy makeup because even with only brow pencil and sunscreen on my face, the brow colour doesn't seem to be removed completely. 

On my skin, after using this my face feels stripped and dry. I should've expected it because this is a cleansing foam and most of them makes the aftermath (woah) of cleansing the face, feel dry and bleh. If you have used the ZA cleansing foam, the one in the pink bottle, you'll know what I mean. If you notice, cleanser with a pearly texture usually are foam cleansers and lather more. 

As my skin type is normal and I could say in an okay condition, and not oily, I prefer cleansers that are more moisturizing and milky. This green tea cleansing foam gives the 'too clean' after feel on my skin. 

Overall, I would give this a 2.5/5 as this is not for me :) Would I repurchase again? I wouldn't also. But ! If you have a more oily or combination skin, give it a try because it might just work for you :)
Cleansers like this are also good for people with sensitive skin! 

what would a blogpost be without my face right ?! hahaha ok still a post. but a boring one. yehhhhh

Till I update again! What type of cleanser do you use? <3 Maybe I should do a post on my fave cleanser :)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Marking this day when I come back to blogging, even though it might just be for a while. Look! I even made a new header to celebrate this joyous occasion. *alones 

I like it quite a lot leh, although its not centred at the blog header because I have no idea how its done or I could have forgotten ! View from your phone because it looks better, smaller. hahaha 

All the sighing in semester one with Paint.Net did pay off after all. yes I am veh amateur  using that because Photoshop is like eating jam with a sunflower ... Impossible, and i don't have either of those. Yes, if you get what I mean. :B

Ahhh the simplest also perfectly fine lah because I have no choice. I need lessons on how to properly edit! oh oh another thing to do in this 3 weeks ! I really hope I can update more during this sembreak. Till we wink again ;) ok so flirty. Goodbye sounds better eh? bye.