Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Marking this day when I come back to blogging, even though it might just be for a while. Look! I even made a new header to celebrate this joyous occasion. *alones 

I like it quite a lot leh, although its not centred at the blog header because I have no idea how its done or I could have forgotten ! View from your phone because it looks better, smaller. hahaha 

All the sighing in semester one with Paint.Net did pay off after all. yes I am veh amateur  using that because Photoshop is like eating jam with a sunflower ... Impossible, and i don't have either of those. Yes, if you get what I mean. :B

Ahhh the simplest also perfectly fine lah because I have no choice. I need lessons on how to properly edit! oh oh another thing to do in this 3 weeks ! I really hope I can update more during this sembreak. Till we wink again ;) ok so flirty. Goodbye sounds better eh? bye. 

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