Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday, 06.04.2014

Waking up to a song in your head is the best feeling ever, especially when its to Planetshaker's - I'm Gonna Praise. That's what happened to me this morning and it defo, made my day. I suddenly recall looking forward to Sunday, last night before sleeping. Maybe looking forward to something the day before makes the next day better?

Slipped into my pink knit top and black and white daisy skirt, dabbed some makeup and my jelly bunny flats. I'm off to church! What I want to share is something that i realised today in church.

During the Holy Communion today, this thought came to me; where has my passion for God evaporated? Where is my desire for Jesus? I suddenly thought of this one sunday service few months back where I just poured my heart out to God - Praise and cried.

Where is that energy for God now? I silently prayed for God to revive me, to take me to the place where i was before, once again. To have an intimate relationship with Him again. To put it in a crude way, to knock my head and say, ' hey princess, its time to come home.' I cried.

This season, is the season to get my (spiritual) water level up, to remember to go back to Him to replenish, refresh, restore and bask in His presence, constantly. I feel so very privileged to have known this God and Jesus, as what? As someone I call my Daddy in Heaven, my best friend, my Saviour, my salvation. Someone that can I can trust, that I can hope and depend on. How awesome is that?!

I am beyond grateful to experience this amazing God, would you want to too? :)

Maybe you'll wake up with this song too. hehe God bless <3 

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