Friday, December 12, 2014

Benefit of the doubt?

What does it mean? It means giving someone a benefit and believing a statement because you aren't sure of it yourself. You Aren't Sure Of It Yourself. Aren't Sure Of It.

Keeping that last sentence in mind.

What are we thinking when spreading a rumour? Why can't we expect someone's intention to be of a good intention? Why can't we see the good in everyone? When someone shares with you the latest 'news' of one of your friend, and its not a very nice piece of news of hear, do you mark that friend of what he's being rumoured to be? 

Rumour; a mix of truth and untruth. 

Why would someone want to spread rumours anyway? I'm talking about rumours which degrade someone, or generally not very nice. In what way does it benefit you? Satisfying the need to talk brickbat about him?

If it doesn't concern you, who do it? If You're Not Sure Of It, how can you be so sure of your judgement on someone?

Even if the so called rumour is true, then shouldn't we be apart of helping him? Building him up?Being a friend? Shouldn't we instead, be extending grace and love? Shouldn't we be giving the benefit of the doubt to that person? Shouldn't we be seeing what is wrong with ourselves before trying to change another person? Shouldn't we evaluate ourselves when we even have the desire to badmouth someone? 

Everyone deserves a benefit of the doubt. Everyone deserves to have a friend. Everyone deserves to be given grace, just as freely this grace has been given to us by God. It makes me sad when I look at myself and see that I have failed to do so. When my flesh has taken over my spirit, who is called to be of God. To Be Of God - that's quite a tough task to carry out. But it doesn't ask us to be God, just to reflect his likeness. And giving grace is one of it. 

This is a mental note to myself, and especially my spirit to always reflect before uttering something out- to always give grace to people around me as freely as it has been given to me.