Wednesday, June 10, 2015


There's something very comforting about reading raw and personal pieces. Looking back on old posts to see how jolly we were, many cares but yet, it seemed like none in the world. Isn't it a little sad that what we ever hope to achieve is somehow rallied upon expectation. Gosh, Expectations, how I dislike that word. And yet, there is not a single day we live by, with not something to expect, or be expected of. What are we doing? 

Without expectations, we would be stagnant to where we have been. After all, growing till you're a child or teenager is what you're being expected of to do since you were a baby. Which is to grow. Year by year taller, smarter, having a bigger body, and maybe a little more adventurous. Soon enough we are expected to achieve ridiculous things like going to three extra classes in a day, or getting an A for science?. Not to mention friend-drama in school!

"I'm a child. I can't do all that!"

Suddenly it seems like we are going through the motion, being a child. Even up till now what we do everyday may come off as if we're a man-slave to our work. To what we do not realise is: potential. 

What can you achieve?

Ironically it nearly sounds like a contradiction to 'don't do what we're expected of'. It's not. What it is, is man wasn't made to just live and die. We succeeded for the past 2 million years and we get better every generation after. However have we lost it at some point of time? What was never meant to be is for a man to reaching the expectations of someone else. 

Reaching for what we potentials we can achieve with what was God-given is for man to be sure of himself, to be confident of his identity. Somehow this story turned into a horse race to see who has the fastest horse! Expectations, actually was meant for what we are to expect of ourselves for ourselves in our potentials. To what we can be, and what we can and want to do is up to our pace. 

I am pretty sure we were not placed here for the matter to plainly exist and float through. No, we were placed because the diversity of who we are were meant to complement each other and enjoy where we're being placed in and with. Enjoying is taken too lightly. Enjoy; to take delight and pleasure. Expectations should not hold us back from delighting and having pleasure with what we're given! We savour expectations for us. me. i. to build me up from within and co-acceptance-habitation of self expectations. 

Are we living the motions, or doing something for ourselves?

(P/s: I wasn't sure of where I was going with this, but it brought a breather to my mind as i wrote.)

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